Tuber Crops

Written by Prof. KV Peter

Published by National Book Trust

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The present book treats a subject that has remained largely on the fringes of academie debate despite it being related to one of the most sustainable agricultural products available to mankind in general, and to india, in particular. As cheap energy producers, tuber crops not only have great potential in meeting the food and nutritional security of small scale farmers in the warm humid tropics like India, but, and more importantly, due to their tolerance to drought and flood and wide adaptability to various agro-climatic conditions, tuber crops have time and again saved the mankind from famine during times of natural disasters. The present book covers fifteen major and minor tuber crops and throws light on their uses, cultivation process, irrigation needs and related issues in a simple and largely non- technical language.

Prof. K V Peter, Ex-Vice Chancellor, Kerala Agricultural University (KAU), Thrissur, is presently Professor of Horticulture at KAU. He guided over 1000 scientists as Director of Research and earlier as Director of Indian Institute of Spices Research, Calicut. Basically a horticulturist and academician, he is a recipient of Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Award from ICAR and Recognition Award from National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, New Delhi. Author of many significant books and research papers, his major publications include a three- volume Handbook of Herbs and Spices published by Woodhead Publishing Company, UK, and Plantation Crops published by NBT, India.


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